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Two Girls one Black Cock

February 28th, 2017

Just when you thought you were going to get a hot lesbian sex scene you get a big black guy thrown into the mix. Well we mustn’t grumble about that then must we? The two girls certainly aren’t grumbling about having a big black cock to play with. If he hadn’t turned up they’d got a black strap on dildo they would have got out to play with anyway, it’s just nicer to see the real deal from our point of view isn’t it? And also nicer to watch the end result, which is always a fantastic cumshot. And just look at these two babes take it on the chin like big girls, they deserve some sort of medal for their effort don’t they?

Now, if I was in there with them I’d like to do one thing more than anything else. You see them kneeling in front of the black dude sucking his cock? Well I’d like to be behind them at this point with their panties down and their legs open. I’d proceed to fuck each other them an equal amount of times, and grab at their tits and generally treat them like sex objects until I pulled out and shoot my load all over them. Now doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to do on a Sunday afternoon? Well to be honest I’d do anything with these sexy little whore at any time of day, on any day of the week. Check out more and more when you visit the website; there’s loads of these sexy little whores available.

Hardcore Fuck Whore

February 27th, 2017

This little fuck whore knows what she deserves and she gets exactly that. She has a fucking rope around her neck in this Hard-Fi movie with a number of different cocks around her waiting to be serviced; if they don’t get exactly what they want she’ll get a little tug on the neck to remind her who’s in charge of the situation. Christ I could imagine getting my wife on a rope, she’d go fucking ballistic at me, and she’d thrash around like a crocodile being wrestled I reckon! Perhaps this would make for a good movie; we could call it “Reluctant Bondage” or something like that! So this is why I am forced to look at this sort of porn, it’s all my wife’s fault you see.

This whore really looks the part doesn’t she? She’d got the rope as I’ve already mentioned, but check out the rest of her overall image. The red fishnet stockings are straight out of a bad movie about a hooker aren’t they? And look at all that PVC! I simply love PVC on a gal, especially those red, heeled boots. I would pay lots of good money to have a go on this ride, and I know for certain I’d have a good time with my cock wedged in any of her holes (hopefully all of them!) It’s all real hardcore fucking and bondage on Hard-Fi and you’d be a fucking idiot to miss out on it if you’re into that sort of thing; this stuff is the latest to hit the net so try it out now.

Bitch Funkers with Dildos

February 26th, 2017

Now that sounds like the title to a movie doesn’t it? I would like to go and see that one anyway; don’t think my wife would go much for it however. When it comes to lesbian sex you can’t beat a couple of teens experimenting with their new sexy outfits and their collection of sex toys can you? To see them mauling each other and pushing their dildos and fingers into hole after hole is something of a treasure to watch. They are essentially experimenting sexually on camera and it’s wonderful to see. Some of you would say, “no they’re not, they’re porn stars!” Well you’re right, but you are missing one important detail here, and that is the fact that they are very young, so by this virtue they cannot possibly be experienced enough to have done it all, even if they have been in porno for a couple of years!

Now, I don’t think that these two would actually have me in the same room as them to be honest, simply because they look too into each other for all that sort of stuff. However, it doesn’t stop me fantasizing about them and what I’d like to do with them. I’d simply take them off each other for a moment to allow myself a moment of fucking with them. They’d need to feel a real cock in their pussy for a change and then they’d be allowed (by me) to lick each other and get the dildos out while they take it in turns to suck my cock! Now doesn’t that sound like a glorious fantasy to you? Go and check these girls out folks and don’t forget that I sent you will you?

Sexcam Whores Love to be Watched

February 26th, 2017

Now there is something about a sexcam babe you need to know folks. She isn’t just a sexcam voyeur cam whore who offers webcam sex when she’s online you know. To the specialist voyeurcam sluts it’s a lifestyle and these girls love to be watched, no matter what they’re doing. This extends to when they go out shopping, when they go to the gym or out in the car. They absolutely adore being watched. You’ll often find that these sort of girls have friends on their instant messaging services that get to see them all day long on their webcam getting undressed in the bedrooms etc. They simply don’t mind.

However, the best way to get to see these girls is if you actually find out where they are in the world and watch them like that. They know you’re doing it. They love being followed around the supermarket and watched from aisle to aisle as they buy their huge cucumbers and other bits and pieces. These are also the type of women who get dressed at home with the curtains wide open so that whoever occupies the houses opposite her window get a good eyeful of stripping action. They are pure exhibitionists and voyeur cam babes.You wouldn’t want to miss out on all these sort of babes would you? Especially when we’ve got them all in one place waiting for you to come and watch them and admire their pictures.

Freak Show Sex

February 25th, 2017

Now I’ve seen some freaky shit in porno but the guy in this Hard-Fi movie is really freaking me the fuck out with those red eyes! Now I know that cameras do this as a matter of course, but the other guy is looking into the camera and he hasn’t got any red eyes problems. This freaky guy has actually got red eyes! He must be the fucking devil or something man because I can’t explain it. And the devil would certainly be having lots of fun with this hot little whore wouldn’t he?

Actually, when you reconcile yourself to the fact that this horny little tart is actually fucking the devil you can get used to it anyway. He’s not that bad, even though he does wear a stupid hat and have red eyes; it’s just that we’re not used to things that we don’t consider normal, and we love to “other” people who don’t conform to our social requirements don’t we? However, this guy does conform to how we like to see our porn stars behaving. He grabs hold of the bitch’s head and forces it down on his friend’s cock, in much the same way as you would do it yourself or have someone else do anyway! This bitch has been put there for this purpose and Mr. Red Eyes is just exploiting the fact, that’s allIf you go along to the website where I found the devil fucking this little bitch, the Hard-Fi boys over there will show you all we’ve got, and there are plenty more surprises onsite. You thought that red eyes was weird, they should call the site Halloween fuck or something.

PVC Nun!

February 24th, 2017

Jesus! And I can say Jesus without feeling bad or blasphemous here simply because I’ve got a nun on my side. She might be a porno nun, but a nun all the same. Do you know why nuns are called nuns? Because they don’t want nun, they’ve never had nun, and they ain’t never going to get nun! Do you get it? I laughed when I first heard it. This nun is fucking gorgeous, just look at her in her PVC habit. I bet they’d attract a hell of a lot more nuns into the convent if the uniforms were like this don’t you? I think I’d have a sex change just to get in and get my hands on their cute, virginal little pussys.

The one in this movie isn’t very virginal though is she? And she certainly isn’t innocent in any way, shape or form!I like the way she treats the other bitch in the pictures, she really seems to know what to do and what buttons to press to get the desired reaction from her. Bitch Funkers have really excelled themselves in the role-play department this time haven’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a nice little sex scene as this one.Don’t you just love the way that little bitch in pink worships that lovely PVC nun pussy the way she does? And don’t you just want to grab her head and shove it in so she can give it a good licking while you fuck the nun in the mouth and make those juicy red lips all swollen and sore?

Football Babes Love to Suck Cock

February 24th, 2017

Now you couldn’t get better than this at half time when the match is on the telly at the weekend could you? Porno Babes United are the site that gives you what you want guys – porno babes dressed up in football gear, sucking and fucking lots of lovely cock just for you to jerk off over. Who wants to listen to those miserable bastard commentators at half time who think that they know what they’re talking about because they once played the game, when you can watch porno babes united for a few minutes and jerk off to relieve the pressure. This way you can enter the second half of the game with your balls empty; you’ll be nice and relaxed and ready to build up the pressure again from the start.

You see, all those boring bastard commentators don’t really want to be doing that either really, they’d much rather be doing what you’re planning on too. They all want to see this hot little bitch sucking down a big fat cock at half time as much as you or I! They should just stop broadcasting a signal at half time and let everyone, including the players, go off and have a good old wank! It would be a pretty different game then wouldn’t it? And I don’t think all the players would come charging out onto the pitch like loonies anymore would they; they’d be all nice and relaxed with their balls nicely emptied! Go and check out the girls at porno babes united and see for yourself just how interesting the game can be!

Kinky Bitch Funkers

February 23rd, 2017

What the fuck has she got strapped to her face in this movie for Christ’s sake! She looks like an aardvark man! Is she trying to get something out of that poor girl’s pussy or put something in it! Oh well, either way it doesn’t look like the little whore minds too much about it anyway, she’s smiling. And I won’t even attempt to read the dreadfully written stuff on her face, I can only imagine that it’s something depreciating and vulgar; just how you lot like it no doubt! I like to concentrate more on how fucking horny the bitch Funkers look, and man do they look good. I really like the school mistress outfit that the punisher here is wearing, I’d like to rip all that gear off and give her a good seeing to across the desk that is for sure.

I suppose I could let the other one stay and lick my balls perhaps, or maybe even sit on the mistress’s face while she gets nailed across the desk. And then of course, as ever, the favourite dual fuck position. I’d need them both bent over begging me to stick my cock into them, and each time I took it out of one to put it into the other they would complain and whine and moan until they got a slap on the ass! This is the real way to treat dirty, filthy fucking whores like this who get up to no good all day like this!You seriously don’t want to miss all the other bitch Funkers on the website now, it has really grown and grown considerably in the last year or so, and you’ll find something for everyone on there.

Sex Club for VIPs

February 22nd, 2017

Could you imagine having your very own sex club filled with babes like this, there to do your every will? Well I bet there are clubs like this out there somewhere. Don’t ask me where, I simply don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind finding out I’ll tell you! But back to the fantasy of our little sex club. Basically you would get a club full of the richest mother fuckers in the world and get them to pay an extortionate amount of money each to provide it with the best brandy and cigars that money could indeed buy; ensuring that at least five families died in the creation of each box of cigars. This would be an exclusive club, and by this I mean that the girls too would be exclusive to the club. They would be kept there like they are at the Playboy mansion, and then whenever there was a club meeting they would dress up and come in to play with the members.

The members would effectively own the girls and everything they used and lived in. It would be like keeping pets in a kennel of sorts, rabbits in a hutch and things like that. These guys would be able to pay for anything they wanted, so even if the babe didn’t look exactly how they wanted they could take a board vote on what they changed on her. How awesome would this be? Totally disrespectful to women and totally fucking illegal probably! But lots, and lots of fun!

Slippy in the Bathroom

February 22nd, 2017

There is nothing like getting all soapy and slippy with your woman, or better still someone else’s woman or a hooker that’ll do anything for the right price! The best thing about getting slippy in the bathroom is doing stuff with the boobies! I love to get a soapy tit fuck whenever I get the opportunity (which sadly isn’t very often with my wife). Having your cock pushed hard between some really soapy tits while you pump them hard is really something else, and it makes me want to cum in a matter of seconds I’ll tell you. The next best thing is of course to use some baby oil or something equally as slippy and fun. When you get astride your woman (on top) with your legs either side of her so she can’t get up, it’s very empowering. I love being able to take the choice of the tits or the mouth too; this is like being a child in a candy store!

Well when you look at these two in the bathroom it doesn’t look like they’ve got baby oil or soap suds. However, they are getting things slippy because she has his cock in her mouth and she is dribbling all over it and wanking it up and down. When you watch the movie of this you’ll see just how slippy it all does get, especially when he starts fucking her in the pussy from behind; man, that pussy gets really juicy!You should go and take a look in on “Let’s get Slippy” it’s another one of those rare niche sites that offers real good value, and there is plenty of free stuff too.