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Slippy in the Bathroom

February 22nd, 2017

There is nothing like getting all soapy and slippy with your woman, or better still someone else’s woman or a hooker that’ll do anything for the right price! The best thing about getting slippy in the bathroom is doing stuff with the boobies! I love to get a soapy tit fuck whenever I get the opportunity (which sadly isn’t very often with my wife). Having your cock pushed hard between some really soapy tits while you pump them hard is really something else, and it makes me want to cum in a matter of seconds I’ll tell you. The next best thing is of course to use some baby oil or something equally as slippy and fun. When you get astride your woman (on top) with your legs either side of her so she can’t get up, it’s very empowering. I love being able to take the choice of the tits or the mouth too; this is like being a child in a candy store!

Well when you look at these two in the bathroom it doesn’t look like they’ve got baby oil or soap suds. However, they are getting things slippy because she has his cock in her mouth and she is dribbling all over it and wanking it up and down. When you watch the movie of this you’ll see just how slippy it all does get, especially when he starts fucking her in the pussy from behind; man, that pussy gets really juicy!You should go and take a look in on “Let’s get Slippy” it’s another one of those rare niche sites that offers real good value, and there is plenty of free stuff too.

Chains and Cigarettes

February 21st, 2017

If you like both chains and cigarettes (and perhaps black men in balaclavas with their glasses on) then you’ll fit right in on this site with these filthy bastards. Hard Fi caters for all those people who want to inject a little bit of freakishness into their porno, or perhaps like to have a bit of a laugh while they wank off. Personally I’ve never been able to mix comedy with fucking, it just doesn’t seem to go; perhaps it’s because I used to get so many laughs from the girls when I took off my clothes in the old days! I was a late developer, what can I say? They’re all crying now when they see my cock (not that I’m in the habit of showing it to everyone, I’m just saying that word gets around!)

To see this UK porn babe sitting on this black guys huge cock with a chains wrapped around her waist is simply a dream come true; I don’t know what I’d like to do with her when I see this. I don’t know if I want to take the cigarette and finish smoking it, or put it out, and then I don’t know if I want to pull the chains tighter when I fuck her or take them off. It’s so nice to have these choices, but it’s only fantasy you see; I simply don’t know the whore, and if I did she probably wouldn’t look twice at me unless I had a big fancy car! Fucking bitch. I’ll have to settle with jerking off for now then!

Nasty Treatment from a Nasty Nurse

February 20th, 2017

This evil piece of work is like a nurse from a horror movie or something. It’s a fucking good thing that she’s as horny as hell otherwise I wouldn’t be able to look at her. Look at the way she prizes open this other bitch’s mouth and the way that she holds that candle with hot wax dripping over the young slut’s naked ass. This young slut loves the attention I think, just like any teen whore who knows that they are bound to get fucked if they get noticed enough! She keeps quiet and she does as she is told; and this (so I’m told by registered, real nurses) is the recipe of a good patient; there is little wonder she’s being abused then is there?

Personally I could think of a million things to do with her, in fact I could think of plenty of things to do with both of them to be honest. If only I could get the opportunity to walk into that lovely little nurse, sex scene and do my worst. I’d turn the tables on the nasty nurse to begin with and rip that mask off her so that I could stuff my cock in there. Then I am pretty sure that I’d bend her over and drip some of that hot wax on her ass to see how she liked it (my guess is that she’d like it one hell of a lot!) Then I would bend them both over, next to each other and give them both a good spanking with my right hand while I jerked off with my left, occasionally smacking my cock onto their ass cheeks! Then of course I would fuck them simultaneously. A few dips in one pussy and a few in the other. While the cock was absent I would replace it with a nice big dildo to keep both girls moaning for more.

Fucking in her Tights!

February 20th, 2017

Don’t you just love a bitch in nylons? Well of course you do because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here would you? But how do you like it? As far as I have learned in this fetish there are a couple of ways to fuck with nylons. Firstly you get the guys who like to have their women show them the tights and then pull them down for their man to fuck them. And then you have the type that just like to rip a hole in the nylons in order to get their cock through the gap and into that honey trap! I have to say that it does look rather exciting doesn’t it?

Personally I’d rip the fucking nylons off the filthy whore and pull them down so far that she couldn’t move properly and her legs were close together, thus making her pussy nice and tight. I’d need it nice and tight because this whore would be well juiced up believe me! I have a big cock and I just know that these porn star babes would go for it every fucking time! I’ve seen this particular dirty little whore somewhere else I’m sure of it! I think she’s one of those late night TV phone sex babes too. Give her a look and see what you think, and whether or not you’ve seen her somewhere before or not! And whatever you do, print out these pictures because even if you’re not into nylons, everyone knows someone who is into them, I know it!

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UK Bitch Streetwalker

February 19th, 2017

Have you ever slept with a prostitute? Come to think of it, why do we refer to it has having slept with; because that’s the last thing you do with a streetwalker isn’t it? You simply fuck them and then get them out of your hotel room before they steal something of value don’t you? At least that’s what I’ve been doing for all these years! The one in these pictures is being treated to a full photo and video shoot while she does her job. I wonder what she charges for this sort of action anyway. It would certainly be interesting to find out. Perhaps the director is offering her a percentage of sales or something like that? No, doubt it! This little streetwalker hooker is only ever likely to earn her standard rate; it isn’t as if she’s the only bitch on the streets is it? There are plenty more streetwalkers where she came from.

I have to confess though that I do love her outfit, and she is particularly photogenic. When she smile sat the camera it’s as if she’s been doing this sort of stuff for years! And no, I don’t mean fucking, because of course she’s been doing that for years; she wouldn’t be a UK streetwalker if she hadn’t. No, I mean the modeling and porn movie acting. This whore seems like she knows exactly when to smile and when to look at the camera; she even knows how to work the camera from different angles for Christ’s sake. In fact, if I didn’t know better then I’d say that she was an actress and not a real UK streetwalker; but of course, that’s a load of old rubbish isn’t it?

I need to visit the sex clinic

February 18th, 2017

I think everyone would need to visit the sex clinic if it’s like this! Fuck me it looks good, and doesn’t this hot little fuck whore look as horny as hell in her red nurse’s outfit? I’d be in hospital or at the clinic every fucking day if the nurses wore stuff like this. That’s what they should do to make the NHS run more efficiently, they should enforce this uniform. It would certainly make the doctors a little more inclined to work for a bit less money wouldn’t it? Hell, I think I’d go and train to be a doctor! After all, there’s only so many visits you can make to A & E before they begin to notice that there’s nothing wrong with you at all!

The Sex Clinic features many really hot bitches, and this is just one of them that took my fancy when I look earlier today. If you click the main links you’ll be able to go to the site and check out all the other horny nurses and the free pics and movies available (there’s a lot to choose from guys!) If you ever have your fill of naughty Sex Clinic nurses then you could always click one of the other links and go off to one of the many other websites on offer; they’ve all got really fucking horny babes working on them in all the best porn poses and doing the very best fuck movies that you’ll ever see. Don’t get left out, go and grab some free porn today! Why not start by downloading all these pictures to you PC or printing them off. I’ve got one of that nurse bitch sucking cock, right above my monitor!

Join Voyeur Cam Sluts for the Best Babes on the Net

February 18th, 2017

When you do join the voyeurcam girls you will indeed be treated to some of the best exhibitionist bitches available today. They love to be watched and they simply adore being on this site sharing all their filthy voyeurcam movies with you sexy bastards out there! This particular voyeurcam slut has something very special about her doesn’t she? I love the little black dress she’s wearing, it’s an addition that every woman should make to her wardrobe; if you don’t have the little black dress then you may as well give up sex girls!

I don’t know what it is about the little black dress, but I think if I had to hazard a guess I’d have to say it was simply the thought of what was underneath it. The black doesn’t take away from the woman’s figure either, or face for that matter, so you can pay a lot of attention to exactly what they look like rather than have to get past all the glitz and glamour. It’s just sexy. The tighter the better too; that way they can show off their ass if they’ve got one worth showing. This voyeur cam babe certainly has an ass worth showing, and in this set of pictures, and indeed in her movie, she shows you her ass and a lot more besides.It’s well worth the effort to click the link and go to the actual website to see all the other photo shoots and videos; there’s a load of free stuff to jerk off over and you needn’t pay for a thing! Now how often can you say that these days?

Chain Smokers Hardcore Sex

February 17th, 2017

Well it says hardcore chain smokers but I have to say that the only thing I see this hot little whore smoking is that big fat cock! Perhaps that what it’s supposed to mean, you guys tell me, you’re the ones who searched for this and found it. However, there are quite a lot of chains in this shoot, so I suppose one out of two isn’t too bad is it? And this hot fucking bitch does look pretty damn horny in chains doesn’t she? There are a few things I could do with a hot little bitch like this in chains that’s for sure; and being nice wouldn’t come anywhere into the equation , I’ll tell you now!

She looks like she enjoys a little hardcore punishment doesn’t she? I think that she got this job even though she doesn’t smoke, simply because she has a fetish for chains and that sort of thing. Let’s get onto what I’d do to her with the chains. I’d wrap them around her hands so many times that they became uncomfortable, and actually difficult to lift and hold for long. Then I would of course shove my cock into her mouth (well her throat more likely) and push hard until I made her gag almost until she’s sick. Then I’d slap her arse and push her forward for a little doggy style fucking. I know she’d love this simply because of the look on her face; trust me, I see a lot of porn stars and I can tell by the look on someone’s face just what they like doing in the sack!

Hardcore Halloween!

February 16th, 2017

Now this is hardcore fucking with a nice little edge to it. If you like all that sort of Halloween style fucking then you need to get this movie on your favourites and download these pictures to your PC. I’ve got a picture of this black dude in that dreadful mask just because he looks so funny! Hard-Fi sex doesn’t get any better than you see it here on these pages folks, and you won’t get porn stars more willing to participate in it than these ones.

Look at the way that fucking animal hold open his bitches eye to see if he can get some of his stinging, filthy cum in there and make it sore. This bitch will tolerate anything I’m telling you. Hell, if I just wanted to cum on my wife’s face she’d kick me in the balls, never mind trying to get it in her eyes for Christ’s sake! That’s just evil anyway, and personally I think you could blind some poor fucker by doing this to them. However, this one doesn’t seem top bothered by it all; she must be getting paid well for her efforts. And that’s another thing, don’t ever think that it doesn’t take an effort! I don’t know many girls who could sit astride a fucking huge, black cock like this without being in pain. I sincerely hope that her pussy is nice and wet to allow her to glide up and down on this beast’s shaft nice and easy.

Renee Richards love her Interracial Treats

February 15th, 2017

Renee, Renee you are a very naughty girl! What would your parents say if they could see you with this big black man hanging out of your pussy like he’s stuck there? I don’t think they’d approve do you? Well, to be honest if Renee’s father actually came across it on the internet I don’t think he’d be very liberal with the information when it came to his wife anyway do you? But we love the fact the Renee is prepared to spread her very beautiful legs and show is inside that lovely wet and juicy pussy of hers; that is before this monster of a black man gets his meat wedged in there tightly anyway! What else would you expect him to do with it?

It’s a really good set of photos, but if you want more and more fun then visit the website and see what else is on offer for free. There’s always a lot more pictures and perhaps a few video clips here and there, so if Renee has captivated your soul and your cock too, you seriously need to submit to your more imperious desires and free your mind (and your cock!) I freed my dick a while ago to Renee Richards and I have to confess to you here and now that I don’t think I’ve put it away for a moment since that day! It becomes very difficult when I go out shopping.